The Easiest Vegetable to Grow and Eat!

This is a really fun one for me.  Since around the age my son turned 5 we’ve been having loads of fun planting and enjoying vegetables and flowers that actually grow!

It’s always a great time to get dirty and plant seeds with your little ones but it’s even better when those seeds produce something you can enjoy for months.  Here’s what we do to accomplish just that.

The focus on this text the bean.  Why the bean?

  • Beans are easy to grow
  • Beans are hearty and prevail in many climates
  • Beans provide amazing nutritional value
  • Fresh beans are delicious!
  • Many can be eaten right off the plant
  • BONUS! Beans replenish your soil instead of sucking nutrients from it!  Plant beans in your soil for a season and then you can plant some beautiful flowers or harder to grow vegetables the next time.


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