How I Totally Got Rid of Bad Breath

Believe it or not, you can cure bad breath and it’s not that hard.  I battled with bad breath since I was a teenager.  I didn’t understand why my other friends, even those who smoked, didn’t have chronic bad breath but I did.  For the course of 15 years after my teenage years whatever I attempted to do about curing my bad breath was either short lived or even made it worse!

Finally – at age 32 – I was able to cure my bad breath – totally.

Here’s what I did and links to the items I used to make it all happen.  Please report your experiences back to our blog, we love to hear other people’s experiences.

Disclaimer – This 100% worked for me after years and years of trying everything I could learn about.  I don’t guarantee this will work for you but I can say in complete good faith that following these items I’ve laid out took care of the problem for me and I’ve been free of chronic bad breath for over 3 years now.

How To Do It

1. Clean your nose and throat.

Yes. This is 100% critical and provides amazing results in a small amount of time. This might seem like a big to do for some fresh breath but do this and you will begin the process of fresh breath right away.


Nasal Irrigator
These are 3 good options.  I personally own the first one in the list.

Saline Packets

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