Do this one thing for your Stinky Feet

It’s no secret that everybody gets stinky feet at one time or another.

This solution works wonders for everyone: if you have super stinky feet all of the time or just want to keep your feet super clean and be proactive about any foot odor.

Let’s cut right down to it

Wash your feet with an antimicrobial soap once per day (during your shower) for one week.  After that, reduce frequency to 2-3 times per week.  All you have to do is change the soap when you’re already in the shower!  Really, that’s the deal – it works.

Probably the most popular antimicrobial soap is Hibiclens.  It’s the one that I use although the other options should work just fine.  Surgeons in hospitals scrub up with Hibiclens before procedures.  Most people in the medical field know this secret already.

Tip: Make sure you get the dispenser top.  These soaps are more liquidy than your common hand or body soap.  They are made to be used with a foaming dispenser.  I recommend you get one of these first:

and then restock using these on Amazon subscription


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